Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We Sprang Forward

So as we all know it is staying lighter later now. I was deliberating what to post when Nicola suggested some kind of a sunset shot as the evenings are getting longer. I immediately thought of this one. It's another film scan from days gone by. A lot of days gone by actually. That sail boat has sunk a few times since I took this I believe. It came out quite blue which isn't quite natural but I quite enjoyed. Quite. So it got some of the tweaking I like to do so much these days and here it is.

No exposure info I am afraid.


  1. Is the blue in this image a result of your scan only? I see that blue as a characteristic West Coast evening colour, when there are clouds. Another coastal light, unique to us is when, after a rainy day, the light comes in under the clouds from the rain shadow of Vancouver Island.

  2. You know I might just have to find the slide and have a look. I've had it on the computer for some time now. This is Okanagan lake but your comments could quite well apply here on an evening like this.