Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Poe'ish

I took this the other day on our photo day out downtown. When I did it was, well, a picture of some crows in a tree. In comes the computer. I remember this effect from my photography learning days in high school. It involved negatives, inter-negatives, chemicals and time in a darkroom. Or something like that. I recall all that stuff as being fun. So is this though and the computer takes up a lot less room in the house. 

 The original was taken with the beercan (70-210) at 200mm 1/1000th sec f4 iso 100

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  1. Crows in silhouette in leafless winter trees. It is my favourite symbol of winter and image style for photography. I like Crows and Ravens and don't think, like Poe, that they symbolize life's losses.
    The Raven: