Thursday, March 3, 2011

If You Are Thinking About Deleting

Don't! When Dar and I met Mr LeMay the other day we briefly talked about looking at our photo's in the LCD screen on the back of the camera. It's called chimping. He mentioned photos that look great on there can turn out to be garbage on the computer. I mentioned sometimes they can look like garbage on the LCD screen and then look quite fine on the computer. He said "yeah, I never delete anything in the camera". I blushed a bit and carried on to the next subject. Here is an example why that shouldn't happen. This is actually one that I had kept but sometimes wondered why. I looked at it the other day and actually contemplated getting rid of it. However what I had originally seen when I took the photo was there, sort of. So, I played with it a bit and came out with this. Had my finger twitched at the wrong moment, this would have been gone. I like to think the photo's I did delete in camera were justified.....

 This would be with the 24-85 at 60mm  8sec f16 iso 100

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