Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Story About This Picture

Trying to embrace the current bout of cold weather I thought of a picture of Jenn I would like today. It was a photo with her hat on, looking down with her misty breath streaming about her face. We went out for lunch and while on the way I asked if she brought her hat. "No" she said. I thought maybe we could get along without it so I said "Jenn why don't we take a few photo's before we go in. She said "Dad. It's about minus a million degrees out."  *sigh*.  So we went in to have lunch. We got our drinks and Jenn took her first sip and there it was. Not my original idea but the gist of it so I had her sit in that pose while I took some shots. She was such a willing model I let her blow bubbles in her pop after.

The 50mm (of course) 1/15th sec at f2.5 iso 100

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