Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thoughts Of Spring To Come

Here I sit in anticipation of a Snow fall to come thinking of Spring. I am looking forward to it warming up, the birds coming, the plants growing. I look forward to going out to parks and places and taking pictures of these things. Taking pictures of people getting out and doing the the things they do in Spring. It looks like I'll have a bit of a wait for that. Winter is here, thought it was on it's way out but as it is wont to do at this time of year is going to give us  another little blast. Wonder what I should do.....  I know, go out and take some pictures. 
 I used the beercan (70-210) at 160mm 1/60th f4 iso 100.

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  1. Spring seems distant on a breezy cold night. You are right, go out and take pictures.