Friday, February 25, 2011

A Chilly Photo Day

It Started out as a dry chilly morning but Dar and I got out there. We warmed to it pretty soon and checked out a community garden just waiting for everyone to come back. We then wandered some lanes where we met a fellow who ended up showing us his photography studio which was a real treat for us.  Thank you Mr LeMay. We went into the Chinatown area, had lunch and toured around there for a while. It was a nice day and I think Dar and I had a very satisfying day. We got photos too. I am going to go through them over the next few days and see what I can put up. In the meantime here was the start of my day. I nice coffee and chocolate croissant. 

 The 50mm (yes I do have other lenses) 1/1250th sec f1.7 iso 100. This was South facing light so bright and rather direct.

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  1. A delish photograph and wonderfully executed. Very nice result.