Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Late Afternoon Still

This afternoon I was wandering the house trying to think of something to photograph. Jenn said "I have some masks you could take pictures of". I said "Hey that's a great idea. Can I take them of you wearing them?" "No, I'm busy" she said. "Well," I thought, "still life it is." While I was waiting for her to bring them up I noticed the late afternoon sun falling on the cabinet. I had to act quick. I ran downstairs to grab the camera. I came back up and started to get ready. I realized I needed the tripod. I ran downstairs to get it. Once I had the camera on the tripod I was ready to go. The mask needed something to go with it and I thought of the dry roses. Fortunately they weren't downstairs. Finally a wine glass to complete the story. 

I used the 50mm with an exposure of 3.2seconds at f11 iso 100.  

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