Thursday, February 10, 2011

Digital Doodling

Jennifer, Nick and I did a photo like this years ago, Before I had a digital camera even. This photo was a very long and arduous process. We had to take a photo, go print it, then put it in the frame and take another. This went on for hours and hours....... 


I took several photos and put them digitally in the frame of course. I was going use one and have the same photo in all of the frames. I thought this was a better idea. I found out with Jenn holding the frame the frame at slightly different angles I couldn't just set it on top of the picture already there. I had to distort each one to make it fit. It was a bit of a learning experience so it probably took longer than it should. Now I know. 

I use the 50mm at 1/80th sec f1.7 iso 100 

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  1. This is supercool! I'm no photographer, this looks difficult to put together!