Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Street Photography of the Street

I started talking about street photography a couple days ago. I just happened to come across an interesting blog about a street photographer who's work had only recently been discovered. Vivian Maier  was a nanny who on her own time went out with her camera. I am just starting to explorer that blog site and so far there are some great photos. I don't think my photo today qualifies as true street photography but, well, I did take it on the street. I also had fun converting it to black and white then putting colour back in the neon.

 I find street photography as a genre fascinating. It's like an intimate glimpse into other peoples lives. It is close and very personal. People still do it but myself, I would be a little leary of getting up so close to people I don't know to take their picture.


  1. Hey thanks Kelly! Comments, especially positive ones, are always welcome! ha ha