Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not Only Does He Have A Bass

It's a 5 string bass and here is the proof. I suppose I could have jut taken a picture of the 5 strings but I have to try and be a little different. I think I might try getting a photo of him with it tomorrow. Here I guess could be a product shot. Except it wasn't what I was originally thinking of. If you've been reading this you will be aware I often start with an idea and end up with something completely different. Well this is for fun anyhow and my main goal is to make a nice photo. With this I just wanted to see how it would look with the flash pointed more toward the camera. The flash was through an umbrella and pretty close so was fairly soft. I like the quality of light on the finished wood.  

The 50mm at 1/80th sec f4 iso 200. The flash was high and faced the front of the guitar straight on shot through the umbrella.

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