Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking In

This Photo is from last summer, another one from a walking tour with Dar. When I saw it I had something specific I wanted to see. I was thinking of having the fellow sitting there as a silhouette. I took the photo and didn't quite get the silhouette. I looked at it once in a while and tried getting that look I wanted. I never quite got it. Tonight I just happened to look at it and realized what I needed to do. Of course the process was something I do for most photos but just hadn't thought of applying it in this manner. 

 I used my 100mm for this one. Shot at 1/25th sec at f4.5 iso 100. When I tried to make him a silhouette by just darkening the whole photo of course everything went dark. It came to me tonight to use layers and masking which is something I use all the time. I created a duplicate layer, the lower layer I darkened till there was no detail. Then on the upper layer I masked out his head so the lower one showed through. I left the light on his hair at the top and around his chin so their is some backlight and makes him stand out from the background a bit. I love digital!

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