Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How About, A Long View

That was inevitable. I took beercan to work with an eye to getting some close in shots of the snowcapped mountains. Yes of course it got cloudy. I went out anyhow and checked out the roller coaster again. It was interesting looking at the structure with a different perspective. There was a shot of a seagull in the woodwork I took yesterday that I really liked but was just a little too far away. I came back kind of hoping he was stuck frozen to the wood and still there (No I didn't and no he wasn't). There were crows however and this little fellow worked just fine. I'll post a few more from the roller coaster. It is quite an interesting subject. I bet a person, if they were allowed, could spend an entire day in there with a camera.
 I took this with the beercan (70-210) at 210mm 1/320th sec f4 iso 200

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