Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Forbidding Beauty

First, I apologize if the eyes bother you. I know they disturb some people. Jenn and I had planned to do a Hallowe'en photo with some red contacts she bought. We didn't get to do it on Hallowe'en but decided to take some photo's last night. My original plan was to have her lit from almost straight above for an ominous effect. Then in the computer I would work on the eyes like I did with Funky. We were trying different angles for the light and as soon as I saw this one in camera I knew we had something. So, here again is something not quite what I was looking for but I think even better. This is so much fun! 

Shot with the 50mm 1/125sec f5 iso 100. We used a black background. The flash was wireless shot through a Lumiquest III softbox above and in front of her. (Peter) Nick held the flash on a stand that we used as a pole. Works great! Thanks Nick.


  1. Hi Brook, cousin Deb here. Jenn looks like she should be in the Twilight movies! Great shot!

  2. Thanks a lot! There is one more from this little shoot I've been convinced to post he he ... You think this one is Twilight'ish.....