Friday, September 17, 2010

There Is That Moment

As far as photography goes Peter (Nick) and I are often at loggerheads.It's basically about me being a parent rather than a photographer. Trying to hard too get a "nice" picture. This was some time ago but as I recall we had been struggling with each other trying to get the photograph I was looking for. He was being himself and ended up rolling around on the floor with a backdrop I had there. Then there was just a little moment where we connected..... 

 This is pre-digital and I am not sure which camera I used, either an old Hassleblad or Yashica TLR. Would have been Ilford B&W film exposure about 1/60th-1/125thsec at about f8 iso 100.  2 flash behind umbrellas, one on either side of him.

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