Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just For Fun

One day I decided I wanted to take some pictures of everyday things using my little kitchen studio. Which is a dining area, or table to pile stuff on when not being used to take photographs. I can't remember how the idea for the orange came to me, there was no theme or message. Just decided to make a picture. It was fun. 

I shot this one using the 100mm lens at 1/60th sec f16 iso 400. The camera was on a tripod. I had a white product backdrop on the table and taped to the wall. I shot with one flash directly overhead behind a large diffuser. I had another flash in front of the wedge shooting a stop or two down to brighten the inside of the wedge a bit.


  1. Hahaha Looks like pac man. Oops, just dated myself, at least i know YOU'LL know what I'm talking about! Hahah :O)