Thursday, August 5, 2010

Today Jennifer came home from her friends with her bangs cut. I said "Hey! Special occasion! Let's take some pictures!" So after a careful application of make up by Mom we went out of the back deck and took some pictures of, her bangs. I have to admit this is one of those rare cases where everything came out just as I expected. I was only looking to have one photo to post but things went so well I got quite a few. Today I will show two.

Both were taken with the 100mm macro 1/30sec f2.8 iso 100. I had the flash about 8 inches from her face with the Lumiquest Softbox III  attached. Here is a little thing. If you want to know what lighting a photographer is using, look in the models eyes. In this photo you see a little spot of light in the middle of her eye and a rectangular reflection to the left of that. The rectangle reflection is the softbox and the spot of light is the on camera flash that triggered it. Cool huh? Check it out in fashion mags. You'll see umbrellas, softbox's, light bars, all kinds of stuff. 

I do go on sometimes.  

Almost forgot, I have another photo to show. Please take the jump below, I have something else there too. 

Okay so first, here is the other photo. 

Same technical info as the previous shot. See the same catch lights in the eye? I forgot to mention previously that's what they are called. This was a lot of fun and so quick to set up. 

So. Here is the other thing. I have a thing for high key photographs. I want to learn more about taking them. I need a model. If you are in the Vancouver Lower Mainland and would like some nice photo's of yourself (high key of course) (free too!) please be the first to leave a comment on this post. We can discuss getting together and spending an hour or two taking some nice photo's.


  1. Hi Richard:
    Thanks for the compliment. So drop me a line if you would like that photo shoot... In my profile.