Friday, August 6, 2010

All Things Must Pass

These miniature roses have always had a struggle in their awkward little spot. Neglected, often mowed over they don't always get to bloom. This year they they got left alone enough to grow some blooms. I had tried a few times to take some photo's of them but never seemed to get it quite right. Now they are drying up and fading Cathe suggested I try again. I was out the last night, almost getting it but still wasn't happy. This morning I happened to be up somewhat early. While enjoying a cup of coffee I looked outside and thought with this light I can do something. I went out with the camera and it all seemed to come together. The light, the framing, the exposures. I felt good about what I was able to get today finally. The flowers are going to continue to fade and dry up. Sometime soon they'll be gone. I suppose I could clip them but I think I will just keep an eye on them for now and see.

Next Year they will be back. Maybe I can try again then.

This was taken at 7:28 in the morning with the sun up behind the fence. I used my 100mm 1/50th sec f7.1 iso 200

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