Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Once Upon A Time

Do you remember when Granville Island was basically the Market, some boat sales places, a big cement plant, and some empty warehouses? Of course you don't. That's a whole other century. I used to wander around there quite often taking photos. Believe it or not I once spotted a Sherman tank in a warehouse. I took a lot of pictures using a few different cameras trying out a different ideas. A lot of the photos are gone, lost in many moves or wrecked in a flood. I still have a few around that happened to be in the right place when disaster struck. This was one of them, I think it survived because I liked it and kept it separate with my favourites. I look at a lot of those old favourites now and sometimes wonder what the hell I was thinking. I still like this one though. 

This photograph was scanned from slide film. The exposure unrecorded. 

I have heard there was even a time when there was no market there. Ha ha. 

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