Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meet Charlie

While in an alley in the DTES I came across a lady moving along 2 shopping carts full of property. She said "Hey you want to take my picture? I don't mind". I was a little leery, I had already been accosted by a woman with mental health issues and followed by a guy I figure was looking to rob what he thought was a tourist.  We talked for a bit, she told me she had been a writer, a photographer, and is an addict. She said she isn't happy to be an addict and wants to quit, just hasn't been able to yet. She's proud of how she has lived her life in spite of that. I took a few pictures of her and we carried on our separate ways. It was nice to talk to her. 

 Taken using the 50mm, 1/3200sec f1.7. iso 100

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