Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Looking On The Other Side Of The Coin

A little while ago I went to downtown Vancouver on a rainy day and took some nice (I thought) photo's of things to see. Yesterday I went to the Downtown Eastside which isn't as nice an area. I used to work in the area about 10 years ago and I can say since then it has got worse. I hadn't been there half an hour before I was accosted by a mentally ill woman and followed by a guy who I figure at first thought maybe I was a lost tourist and wasn't intent on giving me directions. There were people like that before, there always have been, just not so many. Still there are things to photograph. The area has a lot of history and I will go back again. 
I start with a door. When I worked there I went through this door almost daily to go for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner. I see now they have it locked. Times change but it looks almost the same as it did when I started there about 30 years ago. It was old then.

I used the 17mm at 1/125th sec f3.5 iso 200

I remember the slogan on their receipt. "Good food, well prepared. The taste will tell and the flavour will convince you"  It was right out of the 50's.

I took some close up studies of the back wall here. I will show those over the next while.

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