Sunday, August 29, 2010

In One Alley, Out The Next

Walking in an alley.I had been taking photo's in a hard area of town. A place where you always have to be a bit on edge, where people struggle just to get through the day. I was walking in an alley and could suddenly hear music, someone playing a trumpet. I came across this fellow leaning against a wall practicing. I asked if I could take some photo's and he said "Sure, thanks for asking". I spent about 15 minutes taking pictures then showed him some. He was appreciative, we thanked each other and I carried on. Into a bright street where the people were all happy and smiling, taking pictures of each other, drinking coffee drinks and the like. 

I took this with the 100mm macro, 1/640th sec at f2.8 iso 100. I think it really was the better choice.

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