Monday, August 2, 2010

I Was On a Date with MMMMONSTERS!!!!

Today I got to work as a stills photographer for a short film called "Monster Date". It was another great experience for me and I got to watch some really skilled people at work. I spent most of my time running between the make up room and the set. This was a student project done at the Vancouver Film SchoolSo having taken lots and lots of photo's today I naturally want to show you. 

 Um, these aren't the monsters. They are left to right assistant director Stephen, editor James, writer/director Elsa. Bottom row is camera operator Chester, and writer/director Amy. 

If you dare, take the jump to see, some real monsters. 

I am sure you can figure out what this happy fellow is.

This sea Creature was a rather shy one.

This elf has large ears, three motorcycles and a big ego riding them.

Never met a vampire who needed a dating service. Well actually I've never met a vampire.

This 1,000 year old mummy came back to life and became quite the social butterfly

A happy troll and his make up artist Sarah.

This zombie loves to crochet and is quite the artist. She calls this piece "Love Chase".

She is a demon who just wants someone to love.

If you would like to live under a totally renovated bridge with antiques, here's your man, uh, troll

 This young genie is only 8,000 years old and can grant you 3 wishes.... you just have to rub his.... what did he say? I thought it was supposed to be a bottle or something.


So this is actually the Aug 1st blog.... It was a little bigger than I am used to so was slow. I have a lot of behind the scenes photo's. I am going to post a few tomorrow er, today.


  1. FABULOUS pictures Brook!! As per usual :) Glad you were a part of the team!

    Susan Manning

  2. Thank you Susan. It was a new and great experience for me. Hope to get to do something similar again.

  3. The pictures look AWESOME Brook! Thanks for everything!! :) :) :) triple smiley face!

  4. Glad you liked them Elsa. Thank you for the opportunity. It was lots of fun.

  5. Great post Brook! Can't wait to see all the photos you took on set!

  6. Thanks a lot Amy. I hope you enjoy the photos.