Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sometimes, you just have to know it isn't happening

Well I did do some photography today but I just wasn't happy with the results. I also bought a couple rolls of film for my film camera (which is still the best camera I ever owned. I'll tell you about it soon). One colour roll and one black and white. It should be fun

In the meantime.....

Macro photography takes patience. Especially when the subject doesn’t really care what you are up to. They have a tendency to move about or fly away just as you’re about the take the shot.  When you do take the shot you’re dealing with such a shallow depth of field you can only get part of the subject in focus. I use a 100mm macro lens. It is real nice and sharp but can be awkward to use with moving subjects. Note this bee. 

The antennae and eyes are sharp, the wings are out of focus. This is ok. In most instances it is the eyes you want to focus on. All too often I get the wrong part in focus. It is a finicky type of photography and I don’t generally walk away with a lot of keepers.  However, when everything falls into place, the subject doesn’t take off and you get that focus just in the right place, it sure is worth it.