Friday, May 28, 2010

Let's Get Digital

For a photojournalist or news photographer making a photograph true is a must. In digital photography there was (and still is for that matter) concern over publishing something altered and presenting it as fact. Digital manipulation is a tool that made this a lot easier and it can be cause for concern.  I am not a photojournalist or news photographer. I don't think photographers should be prevented from altering an image but they should do it in an honest way. Doing things to improve a photo I believe is ok. Pretty much all of the pictures I have posted here have had some work done on them. They will have adjustments for light, colour, or sharpness. Usually they have been cropped somewhat. Photography is a recording medium that can be used to record an event or create art, or, both. 

 This photograph is a digital manipulation. I wanted a photograph with my friend Nicola and an airplane. She loves to travel and also has a love for airplanes. Unfortunately I didn't get the two together in a shot that worked. The airplane and her are from 2 different photo's taken while we were at the end of a runway. My point here is I am telling you a story, not presenting you a fact.

The jump here to see the original.

As you can see it just doesn't work..... that other plane just took away all the balance and symmetry.
Only kidding. This isn't real either but you probably already knew that. 

Here is the real one. 
See? Doesn't really tell the story. The first one although not real does convey what I was trying to express. Now if I told you that while taking these pictures the 2 airplanes actually flew through there it would be dishonest. I think the Wikipedia link I put in previously is an interesting read. It talks about about "photo" manipulation rather than digital. It has been going on since there has been photography. Digital is just a tool. 
I got wordy tonight... It is something I have wanted to express a long time. Finally I found a place to have a say. 


  1. Wow! Who's that stunner in your picture? ;)


    That was a FUN day! :)

  2. A fun day for all :)