Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cameras? Cameras? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Cameras.

Today I almost didn't make a picture for the blog. I never even picked up my camera. I just couldn't think of what I wanted to do. It was after dinner I got my little brainstorm. I had been scanning some pictures into the computer earlier and the scanner was still on. This is something that has been done before but I never have. 
A word of caution here. I don't think orange juice would be very good for the scanner if it got inside. So be very careful if you are going to try something like this. I was going to lay plastic wrap over the glass but couldn't find any. I kept a bunch of paper towel and glass cleaner handy and gently laid the orange slice on the glass. I was real smart here and didn't lay down the cover thus squishing the orange and getting juice all over it. I laid paper over the orange instead of laying down the cover. The image came out with the paper showing around the orange. So I took the image into Photoshop elements and changed the background to black. 
No lightning bolt revelation here. I always wanted to give it a try. Now I have. 

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