Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Several months back I went to the Libra Room Café in Vancouver to watch my guitar teacher Jesse play the blues with his good friend Monte. Of course I brought my camera and that night I took this photo. Later in conversation Jesse asked if my camera took video and suggested I come and try doing some. It was then I learned that Monte had cancer and this would be an opportunity for friends to have something to remember him by. Pretty soon Sunday night at the Libra became my routine. I have to say it was a pretty easy routine to fall into as the music was really, really good. As time went on I could see Monte was getting weaker and in a lot of pain. It eventually became a struggle just for him to get on to the stage. However when he sat down and put the harmonica to his mouth all of that seemed to go away and it was all about his music. I had to learn about video as I went so although it took quite a few tries I think Jesse and I were able to put together some good ones.
Over the past few weeks it had become to painful for Monte to play and this last Sunday about the time he normally would have been making his way to the Libra he passed away peacefully in his sleep.
I didn't know Monte well, mostly listening to him play, and flipping the bird or making faces at the camera but I do know he was well loved. Through making these videos I made a lot of great new friends and I believe I have him to thank for that. I do believe I will keep going to the Libra on Sundays and tip my glass to him.

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