Sunday, March 30, 2014

Studio Light

"Get it right in the camera." This saying is to counter "I'll fix it in photoshop" It does make sense of course for several reasons. Two examples are it makes you more thoughtful of the photo when you're taking it. If You're a professional and you're in front of the computer you aren't out doing photo shoots making money. Computers can do a lot for photos but one thing they really can't do is make a bad photo good. 
Last night I got an opportunity to get as close to getting it right in the camera as I ever have.  "Sony in the Studio: Headshots, Portraits, and Beauty Lighting"  was organized by Courtney Hamm from Sony. It was at a small studio with two Lighting sets. He had a guest photographer John Bellerose and together they talked to us about studio lighting and the equipment. Luke Greenwood from Sony was there as well to help keep the session running smooth. Our two models were Yumi and Jessica who were lovely to photograph and always had a great pose ready whether we were going quick or slow with the cameras. 
Does this sound like a bit of a plug for Sony? I guess it is. If they are going to take an interest in their customers like this, teaching different ways of using their equipment, letting people get hands on with all the latest stuff, I'm in. I love photography so the more I can get of this the better. 
Here are some pictures from last night. 



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