Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Get On The Bus Gus

I was in the interior last week. The sky had been at least interesting and often spectacular the whole time I was there. On the bus trip home I had the camera gear packed and stowed in the overhead bin. I really didn't expect to be taking any photos from the bus window and those Greyhound drivers just refuse to stop so you can get some. We just left Kamloops and were going through some cloud bursts when I saw some dramatic skies. Fortunately I had the camera on the phone to use and captured this. One of those situations where because you are travelling along at 90kph you take the photo now as you see it and think about it later. 
 Taken with my phone camera lens focal length 3.7mm 1/430 sec f2.6 iso 80. Tweaked some with Nik software in the computer.

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  1. Very cool cousin! From Debra Austin