Friday, April 12, 2013

Light Reflected

While organizing photos I came across this sunrise photo. I took it at the family cabin shortly after my Mom died. Maybe it isn't a great picture technically but it caught the stillness of the morning at the start of another hot summer day. This is also a view embedded in my mind and heart after nearly 50 years of looking out over the lake. I don't actually recall taking this photo but I do recall a photo in one of my Moms albums of an 8x10 that was almost exactly like this. She really did enjoy taking pictures and as I recall she was proud of hers. 

  I took this 6 Ausgust 2006. I used the 24-85 at 24mm 1/500th sec f13 iso 400

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  1. This is also embedded in my heart and mind, too. So peaceful and grounding source.