Saturday, March 9, 2013

Regal Light

Spring seems to be on its way. Tracie and I went for a walk about downtown yesterday and it was about perfect although still a little cool. I like photographing people and I think this was a great way to do a photo shoot. Walking down the street? Take some photos. Sitting in a coffee shop? Take some photos. Pausing at a street corner? Take some photos. About 8 hours of walking, talking, and taking a few photos of Tracie whenever it struck our fancy. Oh I did take photos of other things. I think. I should go through them again.
We were making our way down these stairs slowly doing a little photo shoot when I asked Tracie to strike a regal pose. 

 I shot this with the 24-70 at 50mm 1/60th sec f2.8, iso 50. The photo was taken right about here

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