Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Black and White Light

I really enjoy photographing people. Most of my photos in the past few years have been location pictures in informal settings. I recently read a blog by Kirk Tuck a photographer in Austin Texas which inspired me to think more about black and white portrait photography and doing it simply. I have been working out a little studio I set up and take down in my living room. I seem to have it figured out. The other day I tried some self portraits but I always looked like I wanted to beat up the photographer, which was me. I got my son out for a few minutes and we took some photos. I shoot colour of course and convert to black and white. I think I get a little better at the whole process every time. I am learning. 

    I used my 100mm 1/125th sec f2.8 iso 200 flash through an umbrella camera left a flash on the backdrop.

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