Sunday, June 10, 2012

We've Been Expecting You

Inspired Tomfoolery was the other title I thought of for this post. Taking photos of a young fellow who doesn't really like having his picture taken and being encouraged by his older sister (yes Jenn, that's you) can be an exercise in frustration. At one point someone said hey put Jenn's shades on. I sighed, figured rather than gripe I would just let them get it out of their system when Peter put them on and stood there, like this. 

With my great intellectual skills I said "Oh" and grabbed some shots. You know, yesterday I carefully studied a guide to posing men. I even sent a copy to Peter which he of course ignored. I tried a lot of the poses and I will even show some in future. This pose was not in the guide. I think it isn't one anyone would want to use a lot. With the suit and shades, it was a very good fit.

Taken with the 50mm (nifty fifty, remember?) 1/1000th sec f1.7 iso 100. 


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