Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Story

"It was a long tiring trip but I finally made it. The weather was very cold and the snow was blowing when I left, the train got held up several times by snow drifts. It's much warmer here. I look forward to your arrival, until then, keep well and be safe."
I made that up. I originally wanted to take a photo of Peter's pocket watch. When I started I thought I should try make the background more interesting. I got out some old travel documents my Mom kept when she was young. I thought they suited the theme as schedules were so important to the railroad an accurate well made watch was essential. As I took the photos I thought it would be fun to make a story around the photo. I settled on what maybe could have been on the back of the postcard because this is a blog and well, I don't have the patience to be a writer. 

For this I used the 50mm macro 1/4sec f8 iso 800. Light was from North facing balcony window and was taken about here (green arrow not "A"). 

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