Friday, February 10, 2012

Does It Ever End?

Sometimes I get the urge just to make a print. To me even in this digital age the print is still what the end result of a photograph should be. A few days ago I decided I wanted to make an 11x17 and decided on a photo I had posted on here before. When I opened it I thought maybe it would print better in black and white so started working with it. After converting then making the lights a little lighter and the darks a little darker I came up with a photo that looks even more like that Brooding Island. I haven't ever re-posted a photo on here but with this one I wanted to make an exception. Hope you like it.

The print imhatuo (in my humble and totally unbiased opinion) looks rather epic. I think I may even want to print it larger, may have to get some larger paper 13x19, or maybe go really big with an even larger printer.......  See? It seems never ending sometimes.

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