Monday, January 16, 2012

More Or Less

When I first took this photo I was aiming for colour. While working on it I thought I would see how it looked black and white. For me it was a "Wow!" moment. Sometimes when you make it less, like take away the colour, it becomes so much more. Dar and I often go to the same place again and again. Sometimes I have wondered if we're getting stuck doing the same old thing. When I look at photos like this I know that isn't the case. I wouldn't have taken this photo in a trip past and will things entirely different in a future trip.  I am pretty sure Dar would agree with these sentiments judging by what she was taking this day
Our next trip will be to a different locale altogether. I look forward to that because there will be so many new photos for us to take there. I also look forward to sometime coming to this same old place so we can do things different, yet again!

 Taken with the 16-80 at 16mm. 3 exposures 1/40th, 1/60th, and 1/100th sec at f22.

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