Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Good Weekend Part Two

Then we were off to Seattle. When I go to Seattle I think of Vancouver only with an American flavour. We visited the Experience Music Project while there. Well it really was the intent of this trip. In here I was allowed to bring my camera. I had a lot of fun with that. While in there I was having trouble with the wifi. I went seeking help not really expecting any. I met up with a young guy at the front counter and he stopped everything he was doing and worked it out with me till I had the wifi. It's a kind of you had to be there thing but I was quite taken with the help he gave, not something you see all that often in this day and age.
This is the guitar Jimi Hendrix used to play The Star Spangled Banner * at Woodstock in 1969
*If you aren't a fan of Hendrix you might not enjoy the video but you do get to see him play this guitar.

There are 2 floors of displays here about music and Sci Fi. They have rooms with instruments you can jam with to your hearts content. There is a Nirvana display that I didn't bother with. Dale isn't a fan either but he did go look and says it is very well done. There is a lot about music history in there. I didn't get to see everything but I did take in the display for Battlestar Galactica and Avatar. They were worth seeing I thought. The Avatar had more things to look at and seemed to offer more detail in the displays. Battlestar Galactica had 3 full size space ships and other props.

We went and wandered a bit around the Space Needle. There were huge crowds here and some music festival going on that was closed off. Dale and I were here with our family at the Seattle worlds fair. I'd say "Gosh, aside from the Space Needle it sure looks a lot different" but I was just a little kid so I wouldn't remember. I know we didn't go up to the top then because the lines were huge. They were huge this day as well so we still didn't go up. Here are a couple of photos I took. One I was using the posterization (b/w) I used on the photo of Dar a while back.

Then one normal in case you aren't into the fancy pants effects.
 Stay tuned for part three

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