Saturday, July 16, 2011

If You Were To Imagine

Fort Langley has a lot of neat little shops. On this trip, with a little trepidation, we wandered in to some and asked about taking photo's. Everyone we encountered was friendly and very helpful. We made every effort to minimize our intereference in them running their business and I think it was appreciated. 
I came across this little toy giraffe and this photo came to mind right away. I don't usually try to explain my photo's but maybe in this instance I can leave you with this. Try and think of a child finding this toy and how the imagination might start to work. 

  I didn't note the exposure info here (and I am not home to look it up) but I used the 50mm and took several shots. I had to be mindful of the exposure to keep the giraffe a silhouette, and the f stop to make sure the giraffe was completely sharp but still blur out the background.

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