Thursday, May 26, 2011

That Creepy Feeling

Have you ever been by an abandoned house, wanted to go exploring but something held you back a bit? You walk a bit softly, pausing to gather courage every few moments? You find yourself checking the windows, constantly looking over your shoulder? The colour seems to drain from the world as you get closer and something inside seems to say "stay away". 
Not me. No way. Nothing like that bothers me. But if it did, I wonder if it might look a bit like this.... 

 I used the 17mm shot at 1/500th sec f3.5 iso 100. Then did some digital doodling to drain the colour from the world around the house.

1 comment:

  1. I like the use of your 17mm here. It makes the viewer feel like they are peering through the bushes.
    An abandoned house is memories, and family histories, and once empty, it is melancholy.