Monday, May 23, 2011

Take A Picture, Make A Picture

One evening when we were in Seaside we on the spur of the moment decided we should run down to the beach and try catch the sunset. On the way I spotted this very nicely restored 55 Chev. I posted a straight up shot on facebook but here is what I had planned when I saw this car. 

It was a case of coming across something and seeing potential. I had only a few minutes as I had to stand in the middle of the road and had a car full of people patiently waiting for me (the driver).
See past the jump for some details on how I got this.

With the sky so bright and the car in shadow I knew it would take some work to bring the photo to what I wanted. I started with this,

 and this,

 I copied the car from the top one and laid it over the car in the bottom one. I made two layers of the bottom copy and made adjustments for the road and buildings on one, then the sky on the other. I had to make small adjustments for size and position of the car. I even made a layer for the right front tire which caught some glow from the sun. As I write this I'm not sure if that will show on the screen. Hope so, it looks pretty cool. 
This isn't an everyday thing to do with photo's but sometimes it's worth it. This took about an hour or more to put together not including messing up the first time and not noticing until I was pretty much done. A learning experience.

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  1. Gosh Brook, either your skill is always growing, or you are holding out with a bottomless bag of tricks. This is a very cool result and achieved without a flash. Wow!