Wednesday, May 18, 2011

She's Hanging Up Her Headset

After 35 years of dispatching for police you'd think you've seen and heard it all. My friend Brenda probably has. She handled and was involved with every type of call from mere parking complaints, thefts, right up to bank robberies, homicides, and even a plane crash. I kid you not. All through this she has maintained such a sense of humour and (most of) her sanity. She always has a story to tell, she is quick to laugh, she is the first to donate to a cause.  If you are here you will likely have a twizzler in your hand pretty quick.

Most people in here could tell you a "Brenda" story, here is mine. One morning we were all waiting to go home after a long night shift. Brenda got a call, said "Police, Fire, or Ambulance", then proceeded to listen. And listen. She sat there, hand shielding her eyes, sighing once in a while, making the talk talk talk motion with her hand. The caller kept talking and Brenda started looking worried this might never end. She couldn't get a word in edgewise. Finally she knew she had to do something to get the lady to stop so she interrupted and said "Ma'am are you finished?" There was a pause and the caller said "No, I'm Yugoslavian".

Brenda asked me for a photo of her headset as a momento so one morning at work I took it from her, sat at our "CD" desk and took a bunch of pictures. Here is the one we decided on.

Brenda you have been part of my life at work since I have been there. We've been through a lot and had a lot of laughs together. I cherish those memories and I know things will be a bit quieter here but will still echo with your presence. Take care my friend.


  1. A very nice post for someone who deserves the recognition. I especially love the CD keys being the most in focus...very well planned Brook! Brenda, if you read this...good luck and congrats!

  2. Great photo Brook and a wonderful tribute to Brenda


  3. Welcome to the world of retirement Brenda. You're going to love it! We worked together many years and and for many years forward and had a great time "on air". I always enjoyed working when you were on our channel. Take care and truly go and enjoy yourself.

    Tom Gowdyk (664 Retired)