Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Straight Shooter

Here is (Peter) Nick from the shots last night. Gone is the revolutionary look. Now he is hip with his fedora and haircut. I have to admit I like the new look. 
This is another example of starting with one idea and coming out with another. I was originally looking for a profile shot with this light set up. As I was setting up I thought of this angle. I did a couple of the profile while adjusting the light, tried this angle and ended up sticking with it. 

I used the 50mm 1/125th sec f11 iso 100. 1 flash behind and to his right with a Lumiquest III soft box on the strobe, in front and to left a strobe shot through umbrella a few stops down for some fill. I really am not sure how many stops I kept moving it back and forth.

1 comment:

  1. From Che to Frank Sinatra. This is a classier look. From revolutionary to innovator - entertainer. The wearing of baseball hats is now universal, but don't men look better with real hats? (Some women look great in the rakish lines of a fedora :)
    As for your portraiture work Brook, excellent.