Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pretty Bird

Photographers dedicated to photographing birds can go to great lengths and expense to catch a good photo of one. They'll buy the best equipment, they'll travel great distances and spend hours waiting to catch the bird in the right light and at an angle pleasing to the eye. Other photographers will rely on dumb luck stepping out of the car in the parking lot, looking up at the right moment and luckily having the camera out and turned on. This particular photo would be the latter as taken by me.  
 Taken with the beercan 70-210 at 105mm 1/60th f11 iso 800

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  1. The Canada Jay is my favourite bush friend :) Also known as 'Canada Jay', 'Camp Jay', 'Whiskey Jack', his frequent visits broke the loneliness of the vast taiga and tundra of Labrador.
    A Labrador friend, Gordon Parsons was campaigning for his selection as official bird of Labrador. I am waiting for the results, he has my vote ;)