Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Carnival At Night

Hand holding the camera at night is pretty much a no no. There is just no way to keep a photo sharp without a tripod in dim light. Sometimes sharp isn't what you're striving for. I was at the PNE one summer evening and thought about those ferris wheel shots at night where it looks like they're spinning like crazy. Figured I should give it a try when I saw this one. You could use a tripod for a shot like this, but you don't carry one for a full day at the fair on the off chance you might want use it. So hand held it was. Although motion is the effect you are looking for you still have to keep the camera as steady as possible. Too much movement and it would just become mush. I think here I just (only just) kept it still enough. 

 I used the 24-85 at 24mm 1/2 sec f4.5. If I get the chance again, maybe I'll go 1/4 or 1/15th.

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