Thursday, March 24, 2011

More About The Movies

"Mimespeak" was my introduction to stills photography for movies. I was invited to shoot stills for my cousin Sam who was producing it for her course at VFS. I did talk about it in previous posts but only ever posted one photo which was a group shot. I have talked recently about the lighting on film sets which I love. Also about using the 17mm lens which is great for getting in close and even closer for character shots like this photo of Robin. I remember being nervous going to the studio not really having a clue what to expect and then at the end being so excited about the work I'd done. It was a huge learning experience and fortunately I've been able to use what I learned quite a bit since. Fun too.

Taken with the 17mm 1/30th sec f3.5  Thanks for letting me use the photo Robin.


  1. These unpaid - professional gigs are like free photography school for you, eh! Of the 550 images that you took, how many did you present to Sam? What form of media did you save them to? Do you recall how much time you spent editing and assembling the portfolio?

  2. I can't recall how many I gave her offhand but probably a couple hundred anyhow. I shot RAW and converted to jpeg to put on cd for Sam. I didn't do a lot of processing for the jpeg's that would have been to much but I told her I would process any she needed to. So it would probably be under 5 hours selecting and converting the photos. Usually for any I print or present like this one I go to the RAW file, crop to 8x10 then do post processing in Photoshop Elements.

  3. I appreciate your insight and experience. Cheers :)