Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Town in China

This photo I took on a day trip into Mainland China from Hong Kong. Unfortunately this slide got soaked in a flood we had years ago in our house. Fortunately we have digital now. There were fine black fibers stuck all over the slide so I spent some time "cloning" them out.

This was almost 30 years ago, it was an interesting day and there were some things that stood  out for me. The guide told us "When you are in China, don't criticise China." That was pretty sound advice to me even thoughI feel I am very polite and wouldn't think of being critical. Which brought up his next piece of advice. "Don't be polite. If you are you won't get anywhere." This was at the border where it was jammed packed with people trying to cross. He was right. I nudged and elbowed as impolitely as I could bring myself to be and eventually got through. We were taken to a local school where the children performed some songs and dance. It was very nice. After that we went to a restaurant where we were fed lunch which I recall was quite tasty. A lady with the tour a few seats down from me exclaimed loudly "What? No flied lice?!". I shrunk in my chair a bit and turned to the nearest server and said "I am sorry, I'm not with them, I'm polite". In the afternoon we were let loose to wander the town, take pictures, and even go into peoples houses. I found that rather odd. At the end of the day we got on the bus and left waving at the children on the side of the road. They waved back and merrily threw mud at the bus. That was mud wasn't it? 
I did take lot's of photo's that day. I will keep an eye out for them and if they aren't too wrecked I'll do some scanning.

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