Monday, December 13, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Okay I know the title is cliche but she really is. Caught Jenn having a little midmorning nap with the cat Latte. Sometimes catching a photograph of someone sleeping can be quite a peaceful thing. Probably a good idea to make sure they aren't drooling or something. They may not appreciate it. 

 I of course used the 50mm and shot at 1/13th sec f1.7 iso 400. I tried a few with natural light and some with flash. The natural light won over over even though I was bouncing the flash off the ceiling. I shot colour then converted to black and white. I cropped in close then made a duplicate layer. I used Gaussian blur on the top layer then reduced the opacity, to about 50% I think. Then I used the unsharp mask on the bottom layer. Creates a soft focus that keeps her sharp but gives the photo a soft dreamy look. Pretty simple stuff but nice I think.

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