Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Photo Session Part D

Filing has never been a strong suit of mine. Here we changed things up. Took away the flash camera right and just used one flash. Dar has a real nice black backdrop that doesn't seem to reflect light at all. We moved the flash forward and back, even picked it up and held it over her head like I did in another post. This one I believe was high and just forward. Her expression came out as a little fearful which I thought suited the idea this is night time. Notice no glint in her eyes. The flash was to far off to get caught by it. It helped create the mood in the shot.

 1/60th sec at f5.6 iso 200 and you know which lens. Thought I'd mention here we were using the flash on manual set at 1/16 power I believe and adjusting the f stop to suit. The joy of chimping.

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