Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jazzing It Up

Even though they were playing folk. Some of the great photographers take a photo and it goes straight to whoever they took it for. They don't process (or process much) and they take great photos with seeming ease. I'm not that good. Sometimes I see a photo and there are one or two neat elements but something wrong with the rest of it which drags the photo down. Here is an example. In the original Roberts hands were sharp and bright in the shot and his smile was brilliant even though it was caught a slightly out of focus. The rest of it was soft and not very interesting I thought. However it caught my eye and I put it aside as a future project. 

 Shot with the 50mm 1/125th sec f1.7 iso 400.  I took the shot and layered it. I sharpened the lower layer then went to the top layer and a applied a radial blur from the filters menu. I reduced that layer to 85% opacity then masked his hands and face so the sharp(er) image showed through in those spots. 
I am sure there are all kinds of things could be done and totally different images could come out if it were handed to different people. This is my little take on it.   


  1. This is really cool Brook. Ahhh the thinks you think! Keep it up!