Friday, November 19, 2010

Sure Is Nice

having such a willing and cooperative model. This afternoon I told Jenn I really wanted to try some shots using window light only. Of course her answer was "Okay Daddy" (I really like the Daddy part).  My friend Dar has had a lot of success using this kind of light and I really like it. So we took a few shots and here is what I ended up with. I admit I did some adjusting in Photoshop Elements but I tend to do that and like what I get. 

I shot this particular photo using the 50mm 1/30th sec f1.7 iso 200. I did set the camera on a tripod for this shot. I also used a feature that flips the mirror up, waits 2 seconds for any vibration to settle then trips the shutter. I don't usually have the patience to do all that. However, portraits in low natural light like this I think having to take time to set up and think about the shot more can really pay off. It also helps to have a model old enough to have an attention span that can last the 2 second wait. 

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