Friday, November 5, 2010

Sailing, Sailing...

Years and years ago, (more than 10) I went on a little cruise on a sailing ship. It consisted of beer, swimming, bloody mary's, games, beer, food, bloody mary's, and occasionally pretending to sail the boat. Oh and the games were of course drinking games. I managed to take a lot of photo's and some were in focus. 

This is the S.V. Flying Cloud. * "Built for the French Navy in 1935, Oisseau des Isles (Bird of the Islands) served as a cadet training ship. She is 208 feet long, 32 feet wide and her draft boasts 16 feet.  She weighed in at 400 tons (before charter guests and rum!).
During World War II, she was based in Tahiti and posed as a decoy, spying for the Allied Forces.  After the war, she was used to transport cargo along the Baja coast.  In 1968, she joined the Windjammer fleet."
She has since been retired dockside in Port Au Spain, Trinidad. Last word I can find is about attempts to return her to the British Virgin Islands and sink her as a wreck dive site. 
* From BVI Yacht Guide, see the link. 

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